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6 Interesting Learning Tips and Tricks for Kids to Make it Fun

Parents who are worried about how to deal with a child not interested in studies, here
we present you with learning tips and tricks for kids.

The summer season has arrived and parents are worried about their kids forgetting whatever
they have learned in school so far. Of course, kids need the break too! Kids become
exhausted and drained out from learning new information every day.

Although, the summer season should be remembered as the best time for the kids. They
must do adventures, different physical activities, experiments, etc. On the other hand,
parents are also worried about keeping their kids on track with their learning.

If you are looking for a school that emphasizes play-based learning for children rather than
burdening them with books, then your search ends here! The Artes School uses all the
activity-based tips and tricks to make a healthy learning environment for students.

So let us take you towards some interesting tips and tricks for helping kids with study
habits and make it a fun activity.

1. Let Your Kid Teach You:

Kids love to mimic their favorite teachers. So let them role-play being their teacher and ask
them to teach you whatever they have learned in school. This technique is the go-getter
strategy to make your kids feel like experts.


2. Use Your Fingers:

Do maths daily! To make it a fun-filled experience try to use your fingers as much as
possible. Use your fingers like a calculator and it will help you with adding, subtracting, and
even multiplication.


3. 5 Finger Rule for Reading:

Let your kid select the book, and ask them to read it for you. If they make 5 mistakes while
reading, select an easier book for them. This will not only improve their reading but will also
help in building their confidence.


4. Learn in the Kitchen:

Ask your kids to help with the simple kitchen task. Let them divide the food equally among
the family or ask them to note down the simple recipe of their favorite food.


5. Talk to them in a Friendly Manner:

You do not always have to sit in a particular place to learn. Kids get bored easily. Talk to
them while doing any simple task. Revise tables, rhymes, or even stories in a friendly
environment. This is the best way to encourage learning in younger kids.


6. Make it a Routine Habit:

You can paste sticky notes around the house to make your kid revise the homework. They
can even memorize complicated vocabulary words with this technique in an easy way.


Hopefully, these learning tips and tricks for kids will help you find a way to motivate your
child to learn. So, register your kid to The Artes School now for an activity-based fun
learning experience. Their admissions are open now, make sure your kid avails this
incredible opportunity! They are even offering summer camp for kids where your kid can
learn and play at the same time. Register now!

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