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Craft Ideas For Kids in Karachi to Enhance their Creativity!

10 Craft Ideas For Kids in Order to Enhance their Creativity!

A number of mothers say that they would love to try out the craft ideas for kids in order to enhance their kid’s creativity. However, they are in search of some guidance to know where to start from. If you are also such a mother, here are 10 easy crafts to do at home with the kids!

1. Pretty Stickers - Look Lovely!

Do you want your kids to open their books more often? Cover the books with stickers. And, allow kids to create their own personalised stickers. It is the best craft that permits kids to utilise their imagination and creative skills! The Artes School had this activity of creating stickers with children, and children loved this!

Pretty Stickers for Kids in Karachi - Look Lovely!

2. Rainbow Wand - 5 min craft Ideas!

This rainbow wand is one of the best 5 min craft ideas for kids. Kids can use this as a toy and handy dressing-up accessory. This is very easy to make as well. Just use colourful ribbons, glitter cards,  glue, and a scissor, and the wand is ready!

2. Rainbow Wand - 5 min craft Ideas!​

3. Dye the T. Shirts - Super Easy & Fun!

Turning an old white T.shirt into a colourful tee is one of the most interesting and very easy crafts! Kids will colour and will have so much fun during the entire process!

Dye the T. Shirts - Super Easy & Fun for Kids in Karachi!

4. Pen Pots - One of the Best Craft Ideas!

Who does not love pen pots? They are so easy to construct and look super appealing too. Allow your kids to use their creativity and come up with pretty pen pots. They can use these pots to keep their stationary. 

4. Pen Pots - One of the Best Craft Ideas  for Kids in Karachi!  ​

5. Paper hats - Easy Paper Craft Idea

Your kids love crafts but you want to do something that does not create mess? How about a paper hat? This is such an easy paper craft idea. You will just be needing a paper and that is it.Old newspapers and used papers will work too!

5. Paper hats - Easy Paper Craft Idea for Kids in Karachi ​

6. Cardboard kitchen - Can it Get More Interesting?

Let’s make it more interesting. Take a shoe box, clay, toy pans, and allow your kids to construct a cardboard kitchen. Kids love coming in the kitchen again and again, so how about letting them establish their own little kitchen?

Cardboard kitchen for kids in Karachi - Can it Get More Interesting?

7. DIY Dinosaur

Kids of all ages find dinosaurs pretty interesting. Allow your kids to create their own dinosaur kingdom using some toilet rolls and paper plates! This is such a fun craft to do at home. We are sure your kids will love doing this!

7. DIY Dinosaur ​ for Kids

8. Stitched Paper Cards

Kids love crafting and receiving hand stitched cards. They can create such cards using papers, threads, and needles. And, once the cards are created, they can gift it to their friends.

8. Stitched Paper Cards ​

9. Painted Flower Pots

Take a pot and ask your kids to either paint something on it or dip in paint. The end result will be lovely. Your kids can also paste some papers, stickers, etc on the pot to make it lovelier!

Painted Flower Pots for Kids in Karachi

10. Tissue Paper Bird Houses - Easy & Useful!

Bird houses are easy to construct and are super useful too. Ask kids to utilize the used milk cartons and boxes, cover them with tissue paper, and then paint them. Once the bird house is ready, fill it with bird’s food and keep it outside for the birds. This will also teach your kids about how we can help animals with their needs.

10. Tissue Paper Bird Houses - Easy & Useful! ​

At The Artes School, we tried all these craft ideas and kids enjoyed it way too much! We were glad that we were able to make the creative side of our kids visible through such fun activities. If you have more interesting 5 min craft ideas in mind, comment below. We would love to try your creative ideas with our students too!

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