The Artes School

Secondary School in PECHS, Karachi
Grade VI

Admission Open for 2024-2025

Admission Open for Secondary School in Karachi

The Artes School (Secondary section) aimed to provide high quality education in a student centric, congenial and peaceful environment. Our aim is not only to educate the children, but also to make them worthy and responsible citizens through our ‘Activity Based Learning’ concept. 


Taekwondo in School

Our main focus is mental, social, physical and spiritual development of a child to build a firm foundation for further education and training.

Along with the academic growth we aim to instill life skills through the activities like,

  • Speech and Communication
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Foreign Language
  • Sports
Studies in Secondary School

Curricular Enrichment at Artes Secondary School:

Our curriculum enrichment activities are designed to promote employability, academic attainment and teaching our kids the life-skills they will need to make good choices.

In order to enhance the core curriculum of kids, Artes School is offering different activities for the students of the Secondary section. Some of the activities includes:

Foreign Language:

Foreign languages that are being taught at Artes School are, Arabic and Chinese.

Learning a language has many cognitive and social benefits will last a lifetime. 

One of the cognitive benefits of learning a language have a direct impact on a child’s academic achievement. If compared to those without an additional language, bilingual children have improved reading, writing, and math skills, and they generally score higher on standardized tests.

Speech and Communication skills development (

Where communication skills are all about how we navigate our world, and Speech therapy meets the child where they are in their journey to help them progress. At Artes School,  we focus on child’s speech and communication skill development by using sound repetition, imitation, and coordination activities to help your child to express themselves more easily in a fun, effective way. 

It not only enhances their social skills but also boosts their confidence And helps them fight anxiety.

PHD (Personal Health Development):

Health education is important to teach children awareness about living a healthy lifestyle.

Frequent counseling sessions on PHD especially for teen students are conducted at Artes School where we provide them basic health education. It helps prevent various injuries and diseases, and motivates students to improve and maintain their health. 


Our Early entrepreneurship sessions for kids teaches children to always have a long-term outlook and short-term motivation to make it happen. It helps them improve their goal-setting abilities and give students an improved sense of self. We arrange early age entrepreneurship-focused activities at Artes School, like Lemonade Day, which helps prepare them for the challenges they are going to face in college, career, and beyond. 


At Artes School, we offer enrichment classes on top of our standard curriculum for our kids to enhance their creativity and imagination. Drama is one of them that nurtures spontaneity and helps students think on their feet and use their imaginations. 

Some of the positive outcomes of drama activity at Artes School, include an increased understanding of themselves in connection to the world, boosted creativity, fostered connectedness and collaboration, among others.

Physical Activities: 

  • Swimming: 

Swimming is a fun activity with lots of health benefits. At the Secondary section of Artes School, we focus on physical development along with academic growth to enhance their social and personal skills. Swimming also helps to enhance the flexibility and balance of the body. Due to an increase of endorphins in the brain, swimming helps kids to effectively relieve their stress. 

  • Taekwondo:

Taekwondo enforces respect, discipline and hard work. Through taekwondo classes, we encourage kids to reach new belt levels to boost their confidence, try new moves and challenge themselves in each and every class. With frequent exercise in the form of controlled kicks and punches also results in a healthier child that learns about impulse control.

Artes School is not a place where the teacher lectures while kids absorb facts. It is a place where we create active learners because students who are engaged are more excited to learn and  willing to take ownership of their learning.
We follow  Cambridge Education System and it is the best Cambridge School in Karachi, because our main focus is on both incorporating movement into the classroom as well as assuring students follow instructions of the teacher.


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