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10 ways to educate a child at home in Pakistan

10 Ways to Educate your Child at Home

Are you worried and looking for ways to educate a child at home? Considering the covid-19 situation these days, your worry is absolutely understandable. Here are 10 ways by The Artes School that will definitely help you improve your child’s learning at home!

1. Educate a Child at Home Through Colors

Educate a Child at Home Through ColorsIf you are looking forward to educating a child at home, make sure you are using enough colors. Colors have always proven to captivate the attention of kids, and will definitely support your child’s learning at home too!

2. Home Education requires Guardian’s Active Participation too

As much as a child’s participation is necessary, your participation as guardians is necessary too. Ask questions from the child, involve yourself in the learning process, and show your interest!

3. Reading is a Useful Tool When Educating a Child at Home

We cannot stress this enough but if you are planning to educate your child at home, reading is the most useful thing ever! Reading helps the child build vocabulary and learn any language in a much better way. So, encourage your child to read as much as possible.

4. Want to Support Your Child’s Learning? Positive attitude is the key!

Yes, demonstrating a positive attitude with the kid is extremely important. Do hold your kids accountable when they do something wrong but your attitude should be encouraging, and not negative!

5. Remember: Children Love Fun Activities While Studying

Remember: Children Love Fun Activities While StudyingHome Education is a tough task, but not when there are a lot of fun activities involved. Make the learning process fun by coming up with art activities, letting the child watch videos and learn etc.

6. Ask your Child to Apply What He Learns to Real Life

You taught your child good manners? Ask him to apply these good manners to his real life. Taught him some life advice? Ask him to apply. Real life applications are one of the best ways to educate a child at home.

7. Actively Communicate During Learning Sessions

Active communication has proven to solve a number of problems. We are pretty sure communication will help you improve your child’s learning experience too. Encourage your child to communicate with you regarding their problems and interests.

8. Educate Through Visuals

Educate Through VisualsVisuals are not just appealing to the eyes, but are also pretty useful in driving interest. Gather some toys for a visual storytelling experience, make your child watch videos and learn through pictures!

9. Come up with Rewards!

Always remember that children love rewards. If you see them working well and doing a good job, give them a chocolate or a gift. This will reinforce positive attitude, and will encourage them to learn more.

10. Proper Study Environment is an Absolute Necessity!

Proper Study Environment is an Absolute Necessity!Last but not the least, make sure you have set a proper study environment. There should be a proper table, chair, stationary. There’s no learning in bed and with no stationary around. So, make sure you are providing a proper learning environment to your kid.

The Artes School is known for conducting interactive zoom classes and providing best home schooling in Karachi. Thus, if you are trying to educate a child at home, enrolling your child in the Artes School is a smart choice!

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