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5 most effective speech therapy activities for toddlers

5 Most Effective Speech Therapy Activities for Toddlers

As a parent, it may be very difficult for you to deal with your toddler who is lacking the confidence to communicate with others due to their speech delay. There are many speech therapy activities to encourage speech and language development that you can do to help your child learn how to speak.

The Best Speech Therapy Activities for Toddlers:

It is the core responsibility of the parents and teachers to keep their calm toward their children, the more you engage them with yourself, the more they will learn.

Do not ever pressurize your kids to speak clearly, they will learn at their own pace. But we have combined some of the effective speech therapy activities that will surely help your kid to learn to speak.

1. Communicate with Simple Sounds:

From the very beginning, when the child is born, try to communicate with them by making simple sounds. ‘Oh’, ‘ah’, ‘ma’, and ‘ba’ these types of sounds are the best kind of speech therapy activities.

2. Play with your Child:

Spending time with your child helps them in their motor skills. While it also gives confidence to your child in making decisions. Playing is a very helpful speech and language activity.

Play With Your Child

3. Read Books:

Buy some colorful and engaging books for your toddler. Read those books to them and try to make stories out of pictures. When you are reading to your toddler, it creates a feeling of love and security. This is the most beneficial activity that will make your kids love books their entire life.

Read Books

4. Encourage the Communication:

Talk to your child! Use your hands, gestures, facial expressions, and eye contact while communicating. Ask simple questions from them like ‘do you want to have an egg?’ Or ‘will you play with me?’. It will make them respond to your question. It is the best form of speech therapy from home activities.

Encourage the Communication

5. Use Toys that are used in Speech Therapy Strategies:

Toys play the best role in developing your child’s speech. They are a great way of involving your child in activities that help in speech and language development. Although, not all toys are helpful in speech development. Old school toys like blocks, legos, cars, play dough, stuffed animals, tea sets, or even dolls will make your task easier for you and your toddler both.

Use Toys That Are Used In Speech Therapy Strategies

How to do Speech Therapy at Home for Toddlers?

You don’t always need a speech therapist or pediatrician to understand the needs of your child. Sometimes your child’s only need is your time and attention to develop their motor skills. 

There are a lot of beneficial activities that you can do to get rid of your child’s speech delay at your home.

  • To make the mouth muscles stronger, play the ping pong ball game with them. 
  • Make silly noises with them, and then emphasize any letter sound.
  • Blow the bubbles with them, as it will activate their facial muscles.
  • Read your toddler’s favorite book to them and ask them to repeat sounds.

Hopefully, this blog will help you find suitable activities that you can do to help in your toddler’s speech delay. There are a number of schools who emphasize on activity-based learning, to help your children develop fine motor skills.

The Artes School is designed to teach the children through different activities that help them in developing their communication and language skills.

To learn more about the fun learning activities for kids at home, click here.

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