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6 Interesting Play-Based Learning Activities for Kids This Summer Vacation!

Summer has arrived and parents are concerned about their child’s healthy activities where they can learn and have fun simultaneously.

The easy and best way to engage your kid in developing physical activities is to get them registered in a summer camp. Every kid learns and experiences things at their own pace, but when they do things together, they learn faster.

There are several benefits of attending summer activities for kids, 5 of them are:

  • Developmental activities
  • Builds confidence
  • Boost up social skills
  • Teaches leadership and teamwork
  • Encourage learning

If you are looking for a summer camp near you, then The Artes School is offering one of the incredible summer camp for the kids. 

Now, let’s get started with some of the most interesting play-based learning activities for children that they can do during summer break.

1. Swimming

Swimming helps the kid in their mental and physical development. Learning how to swim professionally will give so many benefits to the kids like improved sleep cycle, better memory, full-body workout, teaches water safety, and so much more.

Do you want your kid to learn swimming from professional instructors? Get them registered for the swimming lesson for kids by The Artes School.

Swimming min play based learning activities for kids

2. Taekwondo

There are numerous benefits of learning taekwondo for kids. The most prominent is that it helps in building their self-esteem, improves their concentration, and boosts their confidence. Taekwondo also helps the kids in self-defence, which is the best thing about it!

If you want your kid to learn taekwondo to develop healthy physical activities then you must send them to The Artes school’s summer camp.

Taekwando-min-play-based learning activities for kids

3. Yoga and Aerobics.

If a young kid learns to do yoga and aerobics then his mental health gets a lot better. He knows how to fight his anxiety, build self-esteem, and improve his flexibility and strength for physical exercises.

Are you looking for yoga or aerobics classes for your kid to help them enhance their physical flexibility then register them now to this best summer camp!

Yoga&Aerobics-min-play-based learning activities for kids

4. Art and craft

Children who love to do art and craft have a better capacity to manage their feelings. It helps in building their fine motor skills, confidence, and ability to self-expression.

Does your kid love to do art and craft? So make sure you motivate them to enhance their skills during this summer break with The Artes School

Arts&Craft-min-play-based learning activities for kids

5. Language course

Learning a second language has proven to be the biggest confidence booster for kids and adults both. It improves their problem-solving skills and makes their concentration ability a lot better.

The Artes School is teaching Chinese and English language this summer to your kid. Make sure to register them to enhance their mental flexibility.

Language Course play based learning activities for kids

6. Fireless cooking

Cooking is a life skill. It definitely has positive impacts on the health, physical development, and eating habits of the kid. Cooking is an activity by which your kid will learn easy maths tricks. Their fractions can be improved while cooking.

Every parent wants their kid to learn basic life skills and cooking is one of them. So let your kids attend our fireless cooking classes this summer to make them masters of independence.

Fireless Cooking play-based learning activities for kids

Therefore, don’t forget to look out for play-based learning activities for children and get them registered for our fun-filled learning activities in this summer season now!

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