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6 Ways to Study With a Toddler Around in Pakistan

6 Ways to Study With a Toddler Around!

Continue your study with a toddler using the right way! Yes, we know that toddlers and studying just do not mix but if you work smartly, you can make it work! We understand that as a parent, you have too many responsibilities and studying with a toddler around seems to be super hard. But, education and studies hold immense power and should not be ignored. If you are too confused regarding how to study with a baby at home, here are some tips to help you!

1. Study with Toddler By Organizing the Workload!

Do the easier task while your toddler is awake so that the difficult and mind consuming tasks can be done while he’s asleep. For this, you need to organise the workload properly. Make a timetable where you categorize your easy and difficult tasks. 

Study with Toddler By Organizing the Workload


2. Break Your Study Sessions!

Instead of having a study session that lasts for hours and hours, try breaking your sessions. Have a 30 minutes session and then have a break. This will allow your toddler to respond to your studying better knowing that your study does not last for a long time.

Break Your Study Sessions!_

3. Positive Reinforcement - Give Rewards!

Rewards will strengthen your child’s Behavior if not disturbing you while you’re working. Ask your child to let you work and tell him that you would give him CJ oscillates once the work is done. Regards help in positive reinforcement and are really helpful.

4. Keep Your Toddlers Busy with Work!

Psychology says that children always want to do what they see their parents doing. This is why they disturb you while you are working because they wish to do your work too. In order to avoid the disturbance, give your toddler some work. You can give them a paper and pencil and ask them to draw something. Try to keep your little ones busy with work!

Keep Your Toddlers Busy wIth Work!

5. Ask for Support when Required!

You can also have a discussion regarding this with your spouse. Tell him/her that you need their assistance and support during the study sessions. When you work, ask your partner to give the baby a bath so that you can do your work in peace. Always remember that parenting and raising kids is a team effort so never be afraid to ask for help ever!

Ask for Support When Required!

6. Be Confident Always!

Last but not the least, have confidence in yourself. Studying with a newborn and toddler is a difficult task and you deserve to be applauded every second. You are doing great and we are proud of you!

Be Confident Always

The Artes School encourages all parents to continue their studies even with a toddler.It is because it teaches your baby the importance of learning. The Artes School also offers a Montessori training course that is great for those who wish to pursue their career as a Montessori Directress. Click here to apply. 

If you have other suggestions regarding how to study with a toddler around, share them in the comment section below! 

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