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Scholarship Program

Scholarships for Kids at Artes School in Karachi

We believe child’s education is one of the greatest investments for the future. Investing in your child’s education is an opportunity to bring life long change to his of her intellectual development.

At Artes, we try our best to make stress free education accessible to all through our Scholarship programs. Here we offer scholarships for children who deserve them the most.

Following scholarships are being offered at the moment:

Our process for scholarships includes assessment test and interview of the prospective families.

We take time to interview parents that are requesting financial assistance, and evaluate each request.

  •  Upto 30% scholarship is given on monthly fee depending on the observation of the child by our management.
  • Moreover, upto flat 50% scholarship is given on the Admission fee.
  • Percentage of scholarship varies for every parent on their affordability and depending on each child’s performance.
  • Hence, there is no particular percentage of discount for the scholarship. It starts from minimum 10% to maximum 30%.
  • If more than 30% scholarship is needed so it is considered as need based scholarship only, which will be assessed after the interview of the parents.

To apply for scholarship, Visit our campus or Contact us at: 0330-2783700, 033-417-27837

+92 304 111 7837
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