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Benefits of Activity Based Learning (ABL) for Kids

An activity-based learning system is a technique where students learn at their own pace. This method of teaching through different types of activities is now actively followed by teaching institutions all over the world to make learning fun and get rid of all the conventional methods of learning.

What is Activity Based Learning ABL?

The conventional method of learning doesn’t allow the student to experiment, which makes them dependent on the teacher, while the teacher uses a blackboard to make students learn. So, activity-based learning helps the students grow and learn with the help of objects and sounds.


What is an Activity-Based Method?

It is the type of learning where the senses of students are stimulated by making them feel, touch, smell and sight the objects through different activities so that they can experiment and learn in a fun environment. Learn more about activity-based learning.

What is the Importance of Activity-Based Learning?

Activity-based learning not only provides a fun environment for kids but also helps them in many ways such as;

  • It helps the students to memorize and recognize information quickly.
  • It also helps to give children independence and inquisitiveness.
  • It encourages kids to learn by their own experience.
  • Kids learn to work in teams and develop social skills.
  • This learning method allows the kids to learn with relevant learning material except for paper and pen.
  • Kids can express themselves verbally.


Examples of Activity Based Learning?

There are several types of activities that help the students to be independent while learning.

  1. Pink Tower Activity:

It is the most ideal Montessori activity, also known as the “symbol of Montessori”. The benefit of adopting this method of teaching will develop the concept of three dimensions in the mind of the child. Moreover, the child will be able to get abstract mathematical concepts along with fine muscular coordination.

Pink Tower Activity for Kids in Karachi School

2. Cylinder Blocks:

This activity helps the child in learning the mathematical concept that only one answer can be right. Additionally, the child will also be able to identify the big, small, thick, and thin cylinders through mechanical testing.


 Cylinder-blocks-Montessori Activity for kids

3. Sink and Float:

It is the most amazing activity-based learning method. It will help the child in their language development along with OCCI (order, concentration, coordination, and independence). Moreover, the child will be able to coordinate hand and eye movement.

Sink and Float Activity for kids in Karachi school

4. Swimming:

The main goal of teaching swimming to the kids is to make them decide to sink or swim in the water!
Guide them to the use of their hands and feet to sustain the water. This technique intrinsically motivates students to learn, work hard and succeed.

Kids Swimming Activity in Karachi

5. Color Recognition:

This color-based activity helps to build the cognitive approach in the toddlers’ minds. Moreover, it also helps in language development along with object recognition.

Color Recognition Activity for Kids in Karachi School

6. Learning Alphabets and Sounds through Objects:

It is human nature to learn with the touch and feel method. It helps them to learn things faster by experiencing them with their own hands. Write the alphabets on paper and grab the objects from surrounding and toddlers will learn faster than ever before.


You can see more of these activities based on learning here.

Why do we need an activity-based curriculum in Pakistan?

Pakistan still follows the conventional method of teaching in their institution except in some places. Although, we can create attractiveness in our learning methods through activity-based learning techniques. It not only helps the child but makes the teaching process effective and efficient. Teachers and students both can feel a very positive change in their learning environment by adopting the activity-based learning method. The Artes school is setting up the stress-free learning example for all the schools out there.

What is an Activity Based Method of Teaching?

Several studies show the significance of activity-based teaching methods over the traditional method. In this type of teaching method, teachers ask students to take part in different activities for efficient learning, as it is a child-centered approach of teaching that has tremendously helped the students in successful learning.


Hopefully, this article has given you the idea about the importance of adopting the activity-based learning approach in educational institutes. To read more articles visit The Artes School website.

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