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16 Brain Boosting Activities for Kids You Must Know!

Why is it important to entertain your child with brain boosting activities for kids?

“According to experts, by the age of five, 90% of all brain growth has occurred. Our children are at risk of slipping behind by the time they enter Kindergarten if we don’t start thinking about education in their early years.”

Learning is never about books only, in fact learning in the early years is the most fun part for both the learner and the teacher.

It’s totally fine to teach your child about alphabets and colors, but it is also very crucial to nurture your child with brain boosting games for toddlers for their early brain development.

16 Brilliant Brain Boosting Activities for Kids:

After a lot of research, we bring you the most exciting collection of the best brain games for kids. Check out the amazing age-appropriate brain exercises to improve the memory of your child.

Brain Boosting Activities for 1-Year-Old:

Help your toddler with these brain games for their brain development at home:

1. Ball Transfer Game:

You need baskets, scoops or cups, and different sizes of balls. Ask the toddler to scoop and transfer the balls. This activity will help your child in developing fine motor skills, gross motor skills, and color identification skills. All at once!

Ball Transfer - brain boosting activities for kids in Pakistan

2. Sponge Painting:

For this activity, you’ll need water paints of different colors and place them in different containers, then have the children gently press the sponge on paint and from paint to paper. This is an attractive activity for kids involving colors. Also, they’ll learn coordination of hand and eye, focus, and fine motor for brain development.

Sponge Painting - brain boosting activities for kids in Pakistan

Brain Boosting Activities for 2-Year-Old:

Always choose the proper educational games for your 2-year-olds for their brain development.

1. Drawing

Drawing is a known activity for kids’ entertainment. It is fun and provides great satisfaction, even if it’s good or bad kids will always enjoy drawing on paper. It is also scientifically known that when the brain is still developing in young children, activity like drawing helps in activating their senses which are connected to deep thinking and mental representation. 

Drawing - brain boosting activities for kids in Pakistan

2. Hide and Seek:

It is a fun and engaging game for 2 or more children. They learn to interact with one another and it also develops a sense of object continuance. They also feel pride and achievement after finding who they thought was lost!

Hide n Seek - brain boosting activities for kids in Pakistan

Brain Boosting Activities for 3-Year-Old:

All the parents want their kids to be smart and sharp at this point. So try to boost their mental skills with brain boosting activities for kids:

1. Musical Game:

Children like listening to music from an early age because it is an excellent brain exercise to improve memory. So games involving music like musical chairs, Simon says, even learning an instrument is efficient for motor skills. Music can help a child’s brain to differentiate between sounds and also easy to practice self-expression skills.

Musical Game - brain boosting activities for kids in Pakistan

2. Finger Painting:

Finger painting is an old skill to teach art to young children. Usually, children like to mess up things while playing so finger painting is their go-to favorite activity. While using their hands children feel a sense of control over their drawing and are always satisfied with the outcome. They have a way of expressing their emotions because finger painting is also helpful during therapy.

Finger Painting - brain boosting activities for kids in Pakistan

Brain Boosting Activities for 4-Year-Old:

These brain boosting activities for kids will help your child in enhancing their inborn skills. 

1. Blowing Bubbles:

This activity teaches the children to coordinate their limb movements with the oral motor skills, as they use breathing to generate the bubbles. This also supports them to develop their control over their breath.

Blowing-Bubbles - brain boosting activities for kids in Pakistan

2. I Spy:

You only need different objects and a tray to play this easy fun game. Toddlers sit across from each other and guess the particular object by saying “I spy an animal starting from F”, so the choices in the tray are limited and easily guessed by the toddlers. This activity helps the child develop their speech, vocabulary, and gameplay skills.

I Spy - brain boosting activities for kids in Pakistan

Brain Boosting Activities for 5-Year-Old:

Try to engage your child in such brain building activities that will sharpen their brain.

1.Memory Game:

The perfect memory games that help the children in boosting their brain are:

  • Picture Bingo
  • What’s missing?
  • Draw a word on my back

In this game, your toddler will remember objects that will boost up their recognition and memory.

Memory Game - brain boosting activities for kids in Pakistan

2. Maths Game:

Make math your child’s best friend. Try to engage them in games that include numbers, counting, addition, and subtraction. Such as:

  • Coin Game
  • Role Play
  • Dice Game

Maths Game - brain boosting activities for kids in Pakistan

Brain Boosting Activities for 6-Year-Old:

Now you have to grab the attention of your child by engaging them in some interesting games that need their concentration.

1. Phonic Fun:

Phonic games help children learn to read. Many children don’t find learning from books interesting so there are board games and other activities to help in reading and identifying different words for children. These kinds of games boost their IQ level and help them understand things from their perspectives.

Phonic Fun - brain boosting activities for kids in Pakistan

2. Stacking Toys:

Stacking-Toys - brain boosting activities for kids in PakistanToys stacking is a very easy and amusing activity for toddlers. It is a math brain booster game as children learn about different shapes and sizes which can help them later in school. It teaches children a sense of control over correct positions of items and spatial relationships.


Brain Boosting Activities for 7-Year-Old:

At this stage, you have to choose the activities that will help your child in improving their visual attention and divided attention. These are some brain boosting activities for kids at this age:

1. Puzzles:

Puzzles - brain boosting activities for kids in PakistanPuzzles are an innovative activity and are done using logic being a big brain developing activity for children. By using small pieces to create a bigger image is what gives children great concentration and patience. They are motivated to set bigger goals and achieve them step by step as puzzles represent a bigger picture.


2. Cook for a Day:

Cook for a day - brain boosting activities for kids in PakistanEven though it doesn’t sound like it after giving it a thought, cooking has many benefits for children: it develops reading skills, motor skills, encourages kids to try new things for themselves and the family. It is also a Math boosting activity for children as they learn to measure things and it also boosts their overall confidence.


Brain Boosting Activities for 8-Year-Old:

Choose IQ games for your grown-up kids so that they can boost their problem-solving, reasoning, comparison, and arithmetic thinking skills.

1. Physical Games:

Physical activities give the child body to reinforce their executive function skills. The games also stimulate the baby’s brain, Simon says, tug of war, ring around the Rosie, or any other game that stimulates the childs’ attention to specific movement or body part.

Physical Games - brain boosting activities for kids in Pakistan

2. Story Telling:

Storytelling Known to have a very strong imagination. They believe in creative things and are fond of stories so storytelling is a must for children. It is a very complex but very helpful activity like it involves turning scenarios into words, being in character and acting skills. And there are always stories with morals to teach children different kinds of life lessons.

Story Telling - brain boosting activities for kids in Pakistan

Furthermore, children also like to create their own games, so allow them to endeavor and explore themselves without any restrictions.    

So, whenever your toddler says that they are bored- just play a game with them. We have given you 10 brain boosting activities for kids to choose from. 

You can read a related blog. If you know of any other activity that can help the child in brain development let us know in the comments section below!

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