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Easy Winter Arts and Crafts Ideas for Toddlers in Pakistan

7 Easy Winter Arts and Crafts for Toddlers

Easy winter crafts are really important because winters can be really dull and boring if you have toddlers. It is because taking toddlers out during winters can make them sick, which keeps you and the toddlers confined to home only! This is why we have shared 6 interesting winter arts and crafts for kids. Make yours and your kids’ winters fun! 

1. Printable Activity Sheets to keep the Kids at Home:

Printable activity sheets can actually play a massive role in keeping the kids busy at home. Kids can come up with cute winter crafts through this. For this, parents can print some pretty drawings for the kids, and then ask kids to paste colourful papers on it. This will also enhance their creative skills and will be super enjoyable!

2. Indoor Gardening:

We know gardening outside in this cold weather along with kids is not a very wise idea. This is why you can get pots, paint them, put sand and seeds inside, and let the plants grow. Indoor gardening can be super interesting if performed along with kids because kids are really creative and curious. They come up with amazing ideas and their minds are always questioning and learning. The process of painting the plants’ pots can be a fun activity too if your kid loves painting!

Indoor gardening - Winter Art and Crafts

3. Snowman at Home:

How about making a snowman without using snow? We know moms would never send their toddlers out to play with snow in this freezing cold weather. Therefore, we brought the idea of making a snowman at home! Take a bottle and paste cotton all over it. Then, make eyes and nose on the cotton using coloured paper. 

Snowman at Home - Easy Winter Craft for kids

4. Bird Shelter House:

Birds are always looking for shelter in winters. Just like humans, they cannot bear cold too. This is why you can construct a bird shelter house along with your kid using bottles. Grab a bottle, cut it from between, and make a way for birds to come inside and sit. The shelter house should also have some food and water area so if birds are hungry or thirsty, they can eat or drink! 

Bird Shelter House - Winter Arts for Kids

5. Dalgona Coffee:

Tik tok famous coffee, also known as Dalgona coffee, took the internet by storm. This coffee is made with 4 ingredients and can be easily made with toddlers by your side. Try making this coffee with your kids. This way, you will get to enjoy some good coffee and your kid will get to learn and observe some cool recipe.

dalgona coffee - winter ideas for kid

6. T-shirt Art

Try T-shirt art with the kids. This can be a perfect winter craft for 1 year old and 2 year old. Painted T-shirt will look super fascinating to your toddlers. Since it is a winter craft for babies, make sure the T-shirts you paint are warm, so your babies can also wear them!

T-shirt art - Winter kids activities

7. Toothbrush Painting:

Toothbrush painting is another fun activity to try. Painting through a toothbrush is a process that your kids will not just enjoy. But, it will also be useful for their fine motor skills development too!

Tooth brush painting - Kid home activity

The Artes School tried all winter craft for kindergarten and winter craft for preschool kids. And, the results were worth mentioning. Kids showed immense creativity during all the activities. A little facilitation helped kids show their super intelligent sides. The Artes School regularly performs such activities with students to improve their creative skills,and encourage parents to do so as well! 

If you have other winter craft ideas for kids, mention in the comment section below. We would love to try out your creative ideas! 

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