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Fun Learning Activities for Kids at Home in Pakistan

Fun Learning Activities for Kids at Home

Learning activities for kids are super important as they contribute towards their proper growth and development. However, choosing appropriate learning activities for toddlers is a difficult task especially for our Pakistani moms who are always occupied with work. A lot of thinking process is required while trying to think about interesting learning activities and strategies. But, our super moms do not need to worry as we have compiled a number of fun activities for kids of various ages. Keep reading to find out!

1. Learning Activities for 1 Year Olds

1 year is an age when parents play a huge role in kids’ development. This age is when you can create a sense of independence and accomplishments in your kids through activities. You can play ‘fetch objects’ with your 1 year old children. Send your children to different corners of the house and ask them to bring cups, shoes, ball, bat, etc. This will allow your kids to not only learn how to follow directions but also feel accomplished and independent!


2. Learning Activities for 2 Year Olds

Science says that at around age 2, children begin recognizing the letters that make up their name. So, display these letters throughout your home, such as on the fridge, doors, etc. Point to the letters and say each letter loudly. You can also say words that begin with the same letters. For example, if your \is Ali, A for Ali and A for also Apple! 2 year olds are also able to recite numbers from one to ten in order. So, you can support their number recognition learning by telling them about the totals, such as “There are 6 biscuits in your plate.”

3. Learning Activities for 3 Year Olds

You can play the ‘cut & paste’ game with your 3 year old kids. Grab papers, glue, leaves, sticks etc, ask your kids to cut and paste things on the paper. Facilitate them during the activity but make sure you are giving them the freedom to show their creativity. Such creative activities in childhood lead to creative individuals in the future. The Artes School tried this game with the students of preschool and the outcomes were amazing. Kids came up with so many creative drawings on their own!


4. Learning Activities for 4 Year Olds

4 years old kids love to explore new things. Visit museums and libraries with them and let them explore the place. They will learn so much about the historical things and the books. And, they will come home with a number of curious questions!

5. Learning Activities for 5 Year Olds

Age 5 should be the age of learning through games. Play ‘Simon Says’ with the kid. This will make him learn about how to follow proper instructions. You can also ask him what he liked about the game, which will permit him to reflect on his experience. Write and read out a list of rhyming words, such as ‘look’, ‘book’, ‘cook.’ Your kids will enjoy the rhymes and also learn a new vocabulary! ! 3-5 years is the preschool age and The Artes School believes that this is the age to expose your child to learning activities. This exposure helps in developing a child’s cognitive skills.

6. Learning Activities for 6 Year Olds

When a child turns 6, it is time to make him learn and remember the days of the week, months of the year and colors in a fun way! Find songs on YouTube, search for mnemonics and make learning enjoyable! At age 6, children enter primary school and get better at memorizing things. The Artes School also focuses on making kids remember and make sense of the important information in the primary school years.

7. Learning Activities for 7 Year Olds

Make your 7 years old kids develop an interest in reading. Read simple stories with them at night. Choose story books that have a lot of pictures to captivate your child’s attention. Then, ask the kids to read the story themselves and comment on the pictures. This will help your kid construct a reading habit and also learn a number of new vocabulary words.

8. Learning Activities for 8 Year Olds

A lot of schools teach children about area and perimeter in grade 6 when they are 8 years old. Thus, you can use the knowledge your 8 years old kid is getting in school to come up with home activities. Make your kid find the area and perimeter of the bedroom. You can also ask them to design a perfect bedroom using the area and perimeter knowledge.

9. Learning Activities for 9 Year Olds

At age 9, help your kid learn through nature. Ask him to use the materials found all around your house. Use these materials to create a piece of art. For example, they can come up with a drawing using leaves and sand.

10. Learning Activities for 10 Year Olds

10 years old kids are usually very curious in nature. Let their curiosity grow and use this creativity to make them learn. You can ask them to make an ‘I wonder’ journal. In this journal, ask them to write about all the things they wonder or are curious about. Your kids may end up writing things such as ‘I wonder how houses are constructed.” Then, make them learn about what they are curious about through videos and images.The Artes School believes that the adults should let the kids’ curiosity grow during the primary school years. This curiosity ends up turning into creativity with the passage of time. 

The Artes School tried all these learning activities for kids and the outcome was wonderful! Kids loved these activities and also learned a number of new things! If you have other activities in mind that our super moms can try out, let us know in the comments below. 

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