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Importance of Summer Camp for your Child’s Health

Importance of Summer Camp for your Child’s Health

As a parent in Karachi, you might overlook the importance of summer camps. Are you tempted to the same? This article provides you all the good reasons not to do so! 

According to a study, considering the importance of summer camp, in US alone, 6 million children attend summer camps.  Summers are here to stay. And so are summer camps! 

This brings us to many questions. What is summer camp? Are summer camp benefits worth spending money for? For all this information and more, continue reading!

What is Summer Camp?

What is Summer Camp?Before knowing about the high points of summer camp, you must know what exactly a summer camp is. As basic as this question sounds, summer camps remain a novel concept in Karachi. 

A summer camp, in simpler words, is a break from school. You hated school too, right? Give your child a break and enroll him/her in a summer camp. 

A summer camp is nothing but a hub of recreational and sporty activities. After an exhausting academic break, your kid deserves a break, no? A summer camp is exactly that break. 

Children become couch potatoes during summer break, agreed? A summer camp is an opportunity to keep them their body and mind exercising throughout!

What are some summer camp benefits?

What are some summer camp benefitsYes, you have all the right to ask this question. You are signing up your kid for a program. So here are your answers. 

While summer camps look like all fun and games, they offer a lot more. They offer childhood development in many areas. Now you would ask which areas so here are a few of them. 

1. Bodily Intelligence through Simple Workouts:

Bodily intelligence through simple workouts

Kids are addicted to screens these days, no? This really dampens your child’s posture and skeletal health. Save your child from having hunched back and slouched shoulders. 

Summer camp for kids are well structured. They have a good blend of bodily activities and mind games. This improves your child’s posture and physique. 

Stretching and aerobics makes your kids very flexible and bodily intelligent. You know how difficult it is to keep with your daily exercises. For summer camps, that’s a piece of cake!

2. Physical Strength and Muscle Growth:

Physical strength and muscle growthYou do know that strength is very important part of child growth. But you might wonder how do summer camps help. Honestly, summer camp for kids works like gyms. 

Just simple skills like tree climbing, boat sailing, horse riding, swimming, archery, and rope coursing do more wonders than bench pressing. You longed to practice all of these adventures, no? Don’t deprive your kids of it!

Diet isn’t enough for bone strength and muscle development of your kid. You need to supplement a good diet with a summer camp. Together, they make a stronger and brighter child. 

3. Improved Tolerance Stamina:

Improved tolerance and stamina

Is your child feeling low or getting bored at home? Give him/her a boost of energy. With so many things to do at summer camp, you will see your little one’s endurance sky rocketing!

You might think this proactiveness is short lived. But no! Juggling around several things to do at summer camp, your preschooler will learn life lessons on tolerance, patience, and stress management. 

Parents in Karachi are obsessed with academic success of their children, right? Then remember that summer camps also positively contribute to that and many other walks of your kid’s life. 

Ahhh, that smile on your face shows that you are convinced already. To know all about summer camp program at The Artes School, you must get in touch with us! 

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