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Strengthening Effective Home Education During the COVID-19 in Pakistan

Strengthening Home Education During the COVID-19

How to strengthen effective learning during covid is a matter of concern as covid and home education has come along several negative impacts. The good news is that the impacts are preventable and effective learning can be very much strengthened! The Artes School has some tips to share that they utilized during covid. These tips and the covid home education guidance will allow students to have a wonderful learning experience during covid.  

Physical Activities Matter During Covid and Home Education

Physical Activities Matter During Covid and Home Education  ​Several studies have reported that Covid and home education has made kids super lazy. Schools usually allow kids to engage in several physical activities. They allow kids to play cricket, football, and there are also P.E periods. Even if there are no sports, kids would find themselves all active and energetic in schools. Covid-19 and home schooling has changed the dynamics for the kids in massive ways. However, we can still make sure that the kids have an enegric home education experience. Teachers can come up with sports activities to try in virtual classes, and there should be regular P.E sessions on zoom too. At the Artes School, we make sure we permit kids to engage in several sports activities. We have regular sports and exercise sessions. These physical activities were loved by the kids, and parents loved the home education experience provided by The Artes School too. .  

Do not Forget About Fun Virtual Activities!

Do not Forget About Fun Virtual Activities! ​Another reason how covid has affected education is that covid and home education has affected the mental health of kids in a negative way. A number of kids were seen facing depressive symptoms due to covid and home education. It is because there was a sudden change in the mode of learning that students absolutely did not predict. The good news is that these depressive symptoms are very much preventable if we make sure that kids get a good virtual experience at home. This can be done by coming up with fun activities in virtual sessions. Teachers can plan virtual trips, try virtual backgrounds, and much more. The Artes School’s kids had a great experience of home education. It is mainly because from the very first day, fun activities and virtual trips were incorporated in the class schedule. Once The Artes School took the kids to Italy on zoom, and the reaction they got from kids was priceless. Kids enjoyed this virtual trip way too much!

Raise the hand, Share the Point of View!

Raise the hand, Share the Point of View!​Teachers should always encourage the kids to utilize the ‘raise hand’ option on zoom. Treat zoom just like a classroom. Videos should be on, children should be raising hands and speaking, and there should be an interactive learning environment. One of the impacts of covid and home education is also that it has affected the learning experience of kids negatively. Kids have reported not being able to understand the lectures properly in zoom classes. They feel like they are not able to participate or pay proper attention. However, this can be prevented if teachers make sure they conduct an interactive zoom session where kids regularly raise hands and share their views. There should also be a question/answer session to see if kids understood the lecture or not. The Artes School ensured during covid that kids have a good learning experience by training teachers to conduct interactive and good virtual classes. Our results showed that our students loved the experience of home education and it made no difference in their learning experience.

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