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Stress Free Education in Karachi

5 Tips for Stress Free Education Learning Environment

Stress Free Education in Pakistan

Stress Free Education is really essential if you wish to see the students growing intellectually and doing well academically. If you are wondering what is stress free learning, why it is important, how to create it, and what schools offer it in Pakistan, keep reading! 

What is Stress Free Education?

Stress free education refers to education that emphasizes on the physical, psychological, social, technical, emotional, and spiritual development of a child. Stress free education allows students to learn without any stress or anxiety and stay comfortable!

What is Stress Free Education

Importance Of Stress Free Environment!

When an environment is stress-free, it helps develop literacy and increases class success rate! It is because in a stress-free environment,students do not feel anxious and concentrate properly. They do not feel exhausted and pressurized and learn more efficiently.

Importance Of Stress Free Environment!

Tips for Stress-free Learning Environment

It is important to create a stress-free environment for learners, but the question that arises is how to create such an environment? Here are 5 useful tips to doso!

Tips for Stress-free Learning Environment

1. Play Soft Music:

Research has proven that a number of people learn better while listening to soft music in the background. Music helps reduce stress and permits students to form a rhythmic pattern while reading. If you are looking for tips to have stress free education at home, try playing music and see if it works for you!

Play Soft Music

2. Stay Hydrated:

Thirst makes students concentrate less and feel exhausted. Dehydration can cause severe anxiety and discomfort. Therefore, in order to make the learning environment stress-free, make sure the students are well hydrated!

Stay Hydrated

3. Comfortable Learning Area:

Classrooms are really stressful for a number of students. There are students who do not find comfort in classrooms. Thus, make sure you create a stress free classroom, bring comfortable chairs and tables, and add proper lightning. You can create this comfortable learning area at home as well.

Comfortable Learning Area

4. Develop a Positive Relationship:

Make sure the student is not intimidated by you if you are the one teaching.Students feel really stressful when they have to learn under a teacher who is super strict. Develop a close positive relationship with the kids where they are not scared of you. This will help them feel relaxed and stress-free while learning!

Develop a Positive Relationship

5. Allow working in Small Groups:

Some students reported that they like working in small groups instead of participating in a big class discussion. Small groups allow students to learn better without any stress, interact with others, and make connections!

Allow working in Small Groups

Stress Free School in Karachi, Pakistan

The Artes School: The Artes School is known for its stress-free learning environment. They follow a no bag policy. Students go to schools and come back home without those heavy bags. All the books and copies are kept in school. They don’t even give homework to avoid burdening kids with a lot of work. If you want to know more about The Artes School, click here!

If you have any other suggestions for creating a stress-free learning environment, let us know in the comment section below! 


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