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How to maintain Work Life Balance for Moms

Tips that will help make the Work Life Balance for Moms Easy!

How to Maintain Work Life Balance For Working Moms?

Considering how competitive today’s world is, maintaining a work life balance for moms is pretty hard. This is why all the working mothers who have been trying to maintain a balance between their family and work life, I would like to salute them. You are the real heroes and I’m really proud of you! And, to all the supermoms who have been facing a work-home conflict, keep reading! The story I’m about to share is my real life story. I was a struggling mom too and today, I’m so glad that I didn’t give up. I continued my career and my home life.

My Personal Story as Working Women:

My name is Aisha Khan. My kids study at The Artes School. I owe this school a lot as they have played a massive role in letting me continue my career. I used to feel so guilty initially when I decided to continue my career, even though my baby was just 3 years old. Everybody around me told me how my baby would be neglected because of my job. But I realised that I would never be able to tell my daughter in future “never give up on your career and work for your dreams” if I choose to leave the career myself. This made me keep going. The best thing that happened was that my daughter had just joined The Artes School at that time.This school made my life 10 times easier. Their excellent policies, such as the “no-homework” policy and ‘no-bag’ policy made sure my child and I did not feel burdened ever! Their support made me continue my career in peace, and today, my daughter is 6 years old and still goes to The Artes School. I trust this school with all my heart. My daughter is really intelligent and I can proudly say I am continuing my career along with raising a smart and intelligent girl. A huge thanks to The Artes School! 

Tips for Moms:

1. Don't be guilty

Never be guilty about choosing your career. It is your right to pursue your dreams. Keep going on. You are doing amazing and not doing anything wrong at all

Dont be guilty Work Life Balance for working mom

2. A Daycare Helper

Find a daycare helper for your kid who can look after him/her while you are away. Find someone with good experience so you don’t have to worry about your kids when you are not at home. This will help you stay calm and relaxed.

A Daycare Helper for working mom

3. Divide the Housework

There is nothing wrong with dividing the housework among you and your husband if you are earning too. Have a proper discussion with your husband regarding this and I am sure he will understand! 

 Divide the Housework with working mom

4. Stay Organized

Use calendars, lists, notes to keep track of things. It is easy to forget about tasks when you have so many responsibilities on your shoulders. Therefore, always note things down in an organized proper manner!

Stay Organized - Will help working mom

Artes School’s Role in Helping the Working Mothers!

I really would like to thank The Artes School for their efforts and support again! They are the reason why I could maintain a proper balance between work and home. They have a no homework policy and they cover everything at school. This means I do not have to worry about my daughters’ homework ever! They also have a no bag policy, and all the books are kept inside the school. Kids live a stress-free life which in turn allows their mothers to live a stress-free life! If I am proud of raising an intelligent daughter, a huge credit goes to The Artes School for helping me do so.

If you have any other tips for our working supermoms or share a personal story,let us know in the comment section below! 

Artes School’s Role in Helping the Working Mothers!

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