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Why are day care centers better than nannies?

Why are day care centers better than nannies

 “Children need the freedom and time to play. Play is not a luxury. Play is a necessity”.  ~ Kay Redfield Jamison

The day care center vs nanny dilemma is common amongst Pakistani families. Nannies come to homes and homes do not offer the right settings for natural play. The robust lifestyle of Karachi demands young parents to either enroll their toddler in a day care or hire nanny. The Artes school puts an end to this debate by explaining why baby day care centers are more loved and cherished by babies. Nannies can be loving and caring but the family-like atmosphere at montessori daycare centers is irreplaceable.

Montessori daycare centers inculcate a good routine:

Montessori daycare centers inculcate a good routine:​While nannies may call in sick at the last minute, child day care centers like The Artes offer a school like environment to little ones. Therefore, toddlers who have attended a kid’s daycare easily adjust into the elementary school life. On one hand, toddlers who are in the supervision of nannies feel isolated. On the other hand, babies who have been exposed to daycare schooling from early years enjoy socializing at primary school level and beyond. 

Daycare facilities are provided by trained and qualified staff:

Daycare facilities are provided by trained and qualified staff:Majority of the nannies available are unprofessional women with little or no experience of handling toddlers. On the contrary, The Artes school hires and trains professional care takers to render day care services to little ones. With safe and reliable staff looking after your toddler at an infant daycare center, you can rest assured that your ward is safe and happy. With immense experience, staff at child day care centers becomes more consistent in looking after toddlers in all moods and situations. 

Best daycare centers host proper first aid providers:

Best daycare centers host proper first aid providersAlthough, nannies are highly paid, they often do get distracted and might end up just watching television while parents are away. In such instances, and even otherwise, your toddler might run into a mild injury or medical need. Hence, it is always recommended to drop your precious bundle to the nearest daycare. Playhouse daycare centers have proper first aid equipment in case a toddler needs immediate medical support. 

Daycare and preschool are social spaces:

Daycare and preschool are social spacesRegardless of how much nannies are credited for individual attention, they raise toddlers who are crankier, anxious and introverted in public spheres. With other babies and toddlers in a day care nursery, little minds develop values like sharing, empathizing and socializing. The Artes is a childcare facility that engages babies and toddlers in natural play as well as group activities. Consequently, interpersonal and intrapersonal skills are polished. 

With all these logical and scientific justifications in place, parents can make a more calculated choice between infant childcare and nannies. The Artes encourages parents in Karachi to make the wise move and opt for a preschool daycare. Not only a daycare costs less, but also provides an environment which is conducive to deep intellectual development and physical growth. Dear parents, choose the best for your little ones and apply for admission at The Artes school! 

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