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Why day care centers are important?

“Research has shown time and time again that infants who receive the high-quality childcare and early education programs do better in school, have more developed social skills, and display fewer behavior problems”. ~Judy Biggert

Parents in Karachi  are often unaware of the tremendous benefits of child day care centers. Hence this blog goes on to educate young parents regarding the advantages of an effective daycare preschool. It is imperative to understand that learning center daycare experience is a vital stage of child’s growth. Alongside quality food and nutrition, here is what parents must know about early learning childcare centres:

1. Special childcare centres enhance Kinesthetic Intelligence

Why daycare is good? Researches prove that toddlers who attended early childcare centres had to pay fewer visits to the pediatricians.  This shows that investing in a kid’s day care center today might save your child from several diseases, later.  Therefore, it is wiser to drop your toddler and babies to the nearest daycare center to save on their sick leaves and absences by the time they enroll for elementary school. It is no surprise to see attendees of childcare learning centers being physically more fit and bodily more intelligent! 

2. Happy daycare centers enhance Emotional Intelligence

Why day care centers are important? Happiness and social interaction play a huge role in the brain growth and development of toddler and babies. As a  child care academy, The Artes school  aims to provides quality programs and engaging activities to make toddler and babies happier and smarter! Childcare development centers host professional and trained staff who can handle all sorts of behaviourial issues, while continuously providing love and care to your child. 

3. Child development daycare centers enhance Social Intelligence

Why daycare is beneficial? The last thing that should worry parents is daycare center prices because daycare expenditure is indeed an investment. The kind of communication skills and linguistic intelligence that The Artes provides is priceless! Private daycare centers expose children to a rich set of vocabulary. A simple daycare near home has the potential to transform your child into a confident and intelligent speaker. 

4. Local daycare centers enhance Behavioral Intelligence

Will daycare ruin my baby? Certainly not. Published studies prove that nearby daycare centers can play a huge role in how your child behaves in everyday life. One of the most important functions of child development daycares is behaviourial management. When you drop your child at a daycare center like The Artes, we are not just holding your toddler and babies for a few hours. We are bringing up well behaved citizens for the society by providing resources that are daycare essentials. Consequently, toddler and babies who attend preschool day care centers, are least likely to face problems like anxiety and social awkwardness. 

Dear parents, The Artes encourages you to let your toddlers enjoy the services offered by childcare centers! Let go of whatever is holding you back from admitting your toddler and babies to daycare and learning centers. There is absolutely no harm in availing the best childcare centers. An infant childcare center is certainly the best thing that can happen to you and your toddler and babies. If you have any other concerns, admission related queries or hesitations, get in touch with your nearest childcare centre, fill our form or drop a comment below.

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