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Why is Montessori school so important? 

“The greatest development is achieved during the first years of life, and therefore it is then that the greatest care should be taken. If this is done, then the child does not become a burden; he will reveal himself as the greatest marvel of nature.”   ~Maria Montessori

Parents often enquire Why Montessori schooling is given so much importance? This blog answers all such questions and clarifies why a home away from home is so significant in a child’s educational pursuit. Indeed, Montessori preschools are gaining popularity in Pakistan. The following read will rationally and scientifically justify why choose Montessori preschool for your children.  Presenting to young parents the benefits of a Montessori over other educational philosophies:

Montessori method allows potential maximization

Under the Montessori learning environment, each child is the center of the classroom. With such individual attention and smart supervision, each attendee of a Montessori classroom feels like a star! Montessori kids at The Artes are destined to fly high because their innate talent and hidden potentials are brushed in the right manner. Attending a Montessori from the start enables the child to set his/her own stage and set his/her own pace. 

Montessori education is holistic and enriching! 

A montessori child development center develops the child from within. Instead of focusing only on brain development, The Artes prepares all bodily faculties needed to streer through practical life. Apart from educating the absorbent mind, a Montessori educates a responsible citizen. Effectively, a montessori daycare liberates children from traditional classroom setting and lets them freely interact with their surroundings. 

Montessori academy thinks beyond traditional grading systems

This certainly does not mean that montessori toddlers are not complimented and encouraged. It is just that the montessori school does not limits a child’s abilities to mere letter grades. The Artes is a montessori nursery that rewards the child in a smart way! This explains that there is no disparity at a montessori playgroup. At montessori child development stage, each child is a hero in his/her own way!

Montessori learning is a journey of self-discovery

It might be hard to believe but montessori mathematics is fun! The Artes has designed a montessori program that inculcates love for learning instead of scaring children away! A montessori children’s center does not provides conventional teachers. Instead, trained facilitators ensure that each montessori child inherently finds his/her own way. This way, montessori parenting is more like watching children from a distance and let them enjoy natural play. 

The list of sensorial education goes on and on. These are just a few of the countless reasons why kindergarten montessoris are the next big thing in educational sector. The Artes school loves to hear from parents about what they expect from an ideal montessori institute. Moreover, we are also open to queries regarding how montessori works and how subject matter is delivered at a montessori institute. Drop a comment below or simply call us up for a deeper insight into our montessori childcare program. 

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