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Pros and Cons of Homeschooling in Pakistan

Pros and Cons of Homeschooling!

Homeschooling is gaining a lot of attention in 2022. This attention has increased since the covid19 emerged.  Are you confused whether to send your kid to a public school, or provide him home education? Well, we have explained some pros and cons of home education here that will help you reach the conclusion.

Pros of Homeschooling

Here are the pros of home education. These will help you decide if making your kid study at home is a wise decision!

1. Homeschooling keeps parents involved!

Home education allows parents to be with their kids while they are studying. They can actively participate in their kids’ learning sessions. You will know what your kids are studying, what their good and weak areas are. You will be better informed about your kids’ cognitive developments!

Homeschooling keeps parents involved!

2. No More Holidays on Rainy Days!

You see how in Pakistan, rain comes along with a number of problems! The very first one is blocked roads. This is why due to rainy weather, schools always end up being closed. However, homeschooling allows you to conduct normal learning sessions with your kids without worrying about the weather.

No More Holidays on Rainy Days!

3. Flexible Schedules!

When it comes to public schools, you have to remain confined to a fixed schedule. There is a particular time when the school starts and ends. However, this is not the case with home education. You may sign up for some classes and activities and take place only at a specific time. But, still the schedule is usually very flexible!

Flexible Schedules!

Cons of Homeschooling

With pros, there are a number of cons of homeschooling too. These cons are as follows:

1. Constant Responsibility of the Kids!

Homeschool programs need you to be with your kids all the time. This might be a pro for a number of parents but this can also be a con. Parents have a lot of responsibilities and being with kids all the time makes it difficult for them to manage. When you send kids to school, you get the free time to schedule appointments, meetings etc. However, home schooling takes that free time away from you!

Constant Responsibility of the Kids!

2. Don’t have Specific Teachers for Every Subject!

When your kids go to a public school, they have different teachers for every subject. English is taught by teachers who have attended good English medium schools. Urdu is taught by teachers who are pretty good at this language. Mathematics is taught by teachers who have done bachelors/masters in this specific field. Thus, your kids get to learn from teachers who are really good at what they teach! When it comes to homeschooling, this is not the case. You have very limited access to such specialised teachers at home.

Don’t have Specific Teachers for Every Subject!

3. Missing Sense of community!

A lot of parents reported that they loved how their kids developed a sense of community in kindergarten. Their kids made friends, interacted with teachers,and built strong relationships. This usually does not happen during home learning. Although with online homeschool, there are online study groups available, the good ones are very hard to find.

Missing Sense of community!

You can also read this another blog related to the pros and cons of home education to form a better opinion! If you have other reasons regarding why home education is good/bad, comment below!

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